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Christians as Fully Human

October 2, 2014

Earlier this year in my blog post “Van Til’s Summary of His Apologetics Written for the Layman” I made the statement that I believe Van Til/Five Point Calvinism treats the unbeliever as less than human. Commenter BBG took exception to that statement (which is fine) and felt I was presenting a caricature of reformed theology. Today I was researching Abraham Kuyper and his concept of “Sphere Sovereignty” when I read “Abraham Kuyper and Sphere Sovereignty” where the following statement was made:

  1. The human heart is the “seat” of the Trinitarian activity of grace, the focal point and integration point of all Christian (i.e., fully human) personality and personal existence. But this is a heart-in-community.

This article was written by Nelson D. Kloosterman who appears to be a sympathetic student of Kuyper’s (Cornelius Van Til was “Kuyperian” in theology). Maybe BBG was right that I misunderstood Van Til but I am not alone in my misunderstanding either.

I have one aside to make about a modern variation of Kuyper’s “Sphere Sovereignty”. The author of the article “Finally Found! The Roots of the Seven Mountains Mandate” found the current Seven Mountains Mandate movement began with Loren Cunningham and Bill Bright. However the root is Abraham Kuyper and his Sphere Sovereignty. I would recommend reading the linked article on the founding of the Seven Mountains Mandate. Any movement founded by men (or women) who claim to speak directly with God is very dangerous. In the Old Testament there were tests for determining if a prophet was from God (these people by claiming to act on direct orders from God are claiming to be prophets) and those tests can still be performed today. While we cannot stone false prophets in this day and age you would be wise to separate yourself immediately from such people.


No Post This Week

May 4, 2012

I have been busy attending a business conference this week so there will be no post. Expect a new post next Friday as is my custom.

Happy New Year 2012!

December 29, 2011

I want to wish anyone reading my blog a very happy New Year! It has been my goal since starting this blog 2+ years ago to publish at least one post per week and up until now I have done a pretty good job doing that. However I think I am going to miss next week. The holidays are always very busy but then I had to go and get sick earlier this week which knocked me down for a couple of days. This afternoon we leave to visit the in-laws for a long New Year’s weekend/second Christmas. Add to that a very busy week at work when I get back into the office next week and my blog plans have been shot full of holes.

At any rate, I plan on starting to post again after a week or two of needed rest. Until then I wish any visitors a happy New Year!

There Will Be No Post This Week

December 9, 2011

I really hate to miss posting this week but it is unavoidable. I spent Monday through Wednesday on a business trip to Los Angeles. They have nice weather out there but it really wrecks havoc with my ability to post. However I do plan on pulling something together for next Friday. I don’t want to make a habit of missing posts!

There Will Be No Post This Week

December 3, 2010

I believe that this will be the first time in the thirteen month history of this blog that I won’t be posting. Work and other commitments have piled on top of each other to the point I haven’t taken the time to write a post. Not to worry though, I have no intention of letting this happen two weeks in a row!


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