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My Background

October 17, 2009

As I mentioned in my “Why This Blog?” post, I am a classic dispensationalist. However, since dispensationalists don’t have a creed or a confession of faith there can be a lot of variation in the doctrines taught, terminology, etc. This post is my attempt to quickly fill readers in on my “spiritual roots.” (more…)


Why This Blog?

October 17, 2009

I am a technical person who over the years has done a lot of internal consulting work. One of the pitfalls of this kind of work is that management will come to me with a project but be quiet about why they need it. They either believe that their needs are obvious or that the reasons don’t matter. Nothing could be further from the truth. Knowing why someone needs information (or, in the case of this blog, provides information) is critical. So, in a spirit of “doing it right” I have decided to share with my visitors why I have started this blog.

For those of you who would like to just “cut to the chase” here is the short version:

  1. Over the last ten years I have slowly but surely found resources on the internet that were not easy to find so I have decided to make some of them available on this blog through links and posts. I would have loved to have found a site like this when I started searching the internet.
  2. There are doctrines that I grew up with (I am a what many would call a classic dispensationalist) that are pertinent to things going on in the United States and the world today but very few in mainstream Christianity are discussing them from a perspective that I recognize as being solidly grounded in scripture. This should be a great forum to post these doctrines and give them a bit more visibility.
  3. Then, building on item 2, occasionally make applications of these doctrines to current events.

Now, for those of you who would like the long version please keep reading. (more…)

Commenting Guidelines

October 16, 2009

I don’t expect to get a lot of comments on this blog so hopefully the few of you who visit will be courteous. However, I have seen where this is not always the case so I have decided to lay down a few simple rules.

  1. It should be obvious but I had better make sure you all know not to swear at each other. That includes not only cuss words of the four letter variety but those cute put downs that are all the rage.
  2. If we ever do get into a situation where tempers flare I expect you all to stay on topic and not get personal (no ad hominem!).
  3. You may take another person’s arguments to what you believe are their logical conclusions to show that they don’t work. If you feel that conclusion is wrong that is fine but you cannot impute evil motives to the author. Just because you would have meant something unsavory if you wrote a particular statement doesn’t mean the actual author meant it that way!

I should also remind you that I have the authority to modify, delete, and ban if need be. All I ask is for some common courtesy.

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