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Sin Willfully – Lose Your Salvation Part II

January 21, 2013

Last month I posted Part I of a two part post (see here) on eternal security. I have been finding it difficult to motivate myself to complete the second post for which I apologize. So without making any more excuses I am going to put up the second, and final, post and bring this to completion.

The book “Eternal Security Proved!” by Phillip M. Evans has a lot of good arguments that the doctrine of eternal security (once saved always saved) is true. I do understand that by the time most people will read the quote below that their minds will already be made up. This post is really for those few who are undecided and are looking for some information in support of eternal security. I hope this extended quote is of use to you. If you have questions please leave a comment and I will do my best to provide a clear and competent answer.

Now, here is the second part Mr. Evans discussion of Hebrews 10:26-31:

The old sacrificial system was decaying and ready to vanish away, but the temple sacrifices had not yet ceased. Therefore, Hebrews had to have been written before 70 AD, before the Romans under General Titus destroyed the temple and slaughtered thousands of Jews. God’s fiery judgment was about to come on Israel, for as a nation they had rejected and crucified their Messiah. For the saints to revert back to the old covenant sacrifices would mean that they would place themselves literally in the company of God’s enemies who were about to be destroyed. They would face the same destruction that would be revealed in 70 AD. (more…)


Sin Willfully – Lose Your Salvation Part I

December 16, 2012

The last two weeks I have posted on the topic of eternal security for my friend Zerich. Continuing on the same topic I am going to quote from “Eternal Security Proved!” by Phillip M. Evans. This post is the first half of Mr. Evans’ chapter titled “Sin Willfully – Lose Your Salvation” and deals with a passage from Hebrews 10 which is often used to “prove” that we can lose our salvation. For anyone who is interested in understanding if they are eternally secure this quote should be of great interest.

Now, here is Mr. Evans:

Hebrews 10:26-31 is often cited by those who insist that a child of God can lose their eternal salvation. Many Christians have been troubled with the thought that some particular willful sin has made the sacrifice of Christ of none effect for them. As a young Christian, I felt the same fear myself and wondered if all I had to look forward to was “fiery indignation”, which I thought was a reference to hell. (more…)

Eternal Security – An Introduction II

December 7, 2012

Last week I posted some of Lloyd A. Olson’s introduction to his book “Eternal Security: Once Saved Always Saved.” After giving it some thought I have decided to post the rest of his introduction. It makes some good points and my friend Zerich may very well find it useful.

In this excerpt Dr. Olson makes a strong connection between the “Not Once Saved; Always Saved” [NOSAS] and Roman Catholicism by quoting from the Council of Trent and mentioning “infusion of God’s grace” via the sacraments. This seems to lay the problem of NOSAS primarily at the feet of the Roman Catholic Church. If I understand Roman Catholic doctrine correctly they don’t really believe that you can lose your salvation the way many Protestants do. Rather their belief is that you can never be sure of salvation; lack of assurance is the Roman Catholic teaching. A Roman Catholic is never sure this side of heaven/purgatory if they are going to make it to heaven.

While I have never gotten into a discussion on the topic of “loss of salvation” with Roman Catholics I certainly have with Protestants. The NOSAS position is alive and well in 21st century American Protestantism and Dr. Olson needs to give credit where credit is due. The NOSAS position is a general problem in American Christianity today. That being said I do think that Dr. Olson’s discussion points are valid and worth thinking long and hard about.

Without further ado here is Dr. Olson:

Theological Tidbit: Justification – Event or Process?

Let’s begin with an important questionnaire on the doctrine of justification. Justification has been called “one of the best differentiae between the doctrines associated with the medieval and Reformation periods.” Some compromise about certain church doctrines such as sacraments and church policy. However, one cannot compromise on justification, the essential doctrine of the church. The following questions set the stage for the OSAS/NOSAS debate. It is impossible to understand the debate that rages without understanding this critical difference. So, answer the questions on the next page without peeking at the answers! (more…)

Eternal Security – An Introduction

November 30, 2012

Recently I made a new friend in a Christian forum who goes by the name of Zerich. Zerich has been trying to convince his friend that Eternal Security (aka Once Saved; Always Saved) is a doctrine that is faithful to scripture. To help Zerich out I am reproducing part of the Introduction to Lloyd A. Olson’s book “Eternal Security: Once Saved Always Saved.” Dr. Olson doesn’t have much use for those who say that a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ can lose their salvation so his language is strong. I wouldn’t recommend that Zerich show this excerpt to his friend but he may find this enlightening for his own study.

Here is Dr. Olson: (more…)

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