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The Divine Decrees

February 25, 2011

I have decided to take a week off from my posts on the Invisible War (aka the Angelic Conflict) and post on a topic that underlies a lot of the debates that I have witnessed between Christians. The topic is the Divine Decrees. The Divine Decrees get very philosophical, for lack of a better word, and take a lot of study to understand but they are also very important. I have considered posting on them many times but I have been reluctant to since this isn’t something most people are interested in learning about even though they are the bedrock underlying many arguments.

I have been listening to Dr. Robert Dean’s study on the book of James which is one of the best I have ever discovered. Dr. Dean was a student of R.B. Thieme, Jr.’s (aka Colonel Thieme) and he teaches many of the same doctrines that he did. However I think that Dr. Dean teaches the doctrines in a much more accessible manner than Colonel Thieme did. In lesson 29 of Dr. Dean’s study of the book of James (audio lessons can be found here and the transcript for lesson 29 can be found here) he goes through the Doctrine of the Divine Decrees and I have chosen to post the doctrine this week for my records and, hopefully, other people’s edification.

Dr. Dean provides a simple and direct summary of the Divine Decrees but I have decided to also provide the full doctrine as taught by Colonel Thieme for reference. For anyone who is interested I will reproduce Dr. Dean’s version first and then provide the more detailed doctrine below that. This isn’t easy stuff but God never promised that learning about Him would always be easy.

Here is Dr, Dean’s version: (more…)


The Doctrine of Selection

February 25, 2011

I am posting on the Divine Decrees and the Doctrine of Selection is referenced in that doctrine. The Doctrine of Selection is tough to find on the internet. The one place I was able to find it is at the He-Ekklesia web site. All of the doctrines at He-Ekklesia are in MS Word format so they aren’t accessible to everyone so I decided to reproduce the Doctrine of Selection here. (more…)

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