Sin Willfully – Lose Your Salvation Part II

Last month I posted Part I of a two part post (see here) on eternal security. I have been finding it difficult to motivate myself to complete the second post for which I apologize. So without making any more excuses I am going to put up the second, and final, post and bring this to completion.

The book “Eternal Security Proved!” by Phillip M. Evans has a lot of good arguments that the doctrine of eternal security (once saved always saved) is true. I do understand that by the time most people will read the quote below that their minds will already be made up. This post is really for those few who are undecided and are looking for some information in support of eternal security. I hope this extended quote is of use to you. If you have questions please leave a comment and I will do my best to provide a clear and competent answer.

Now, here is the second part Mr. Evans discussion of Hebrews 10:26-31:

The old sacrificial system was decaying and ready to vanish away, but the temple sacrifices had not yet ceased. Therefore, Hebrews had to have been written before 70 AD, before the Romans under General Titus destroyed the temple and slaughtered thousands of Jews. God’s fiery judgment was about to come on Israel, for as a nation they had rejected and crucified their Messiah. For the saints to revert back to the old covenant sacrifices would mean that they would place themselves literally in the company of God’s enemies who were about to be destroyed. They would face the same destruction that would be revealed in 70 AD.

Those that despised the Law of Moses would face quick execution. How much greater punishment would those who despised the new covenant be subjected to? The Romans were quite cruel. Many of those killed were no doubt subjected to slow and painful deaths as the Romans delighted in torture. No doubt this was a worse punishment than the swift execution under the Law of Moses.

Even today, Christians that deny their savior place themselves under the severe chastening hand of God, and can suffer painful lingering illness leading to physical death if they refuse to repent, and afterwards loss of eternal reward. One must admit this is a worse punishment than the Israelites faced under the Law of Moses.

You must understand that even though Israel has many times suffered God’s fiery judgment, God has not thrown away His people. He made an everlasting covenant with the Jews, the physical children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. One day Israel will be the head and not the tail. Even though Israel many times committed spiritual adultery against the Lord, He has never divorced them. Born-again children of God are married to Christ (Romans 7:4). If God has refused to divorce Israel, what makes you think that Christ will divorce you?

God calls Israel His son (Hosea 11:1). Therefore, Israel represents a born-again child of God. If God has not cast away Israel (Romans 11:1), will he cast away one who has been born of His Spirit?

Even though the eternal destiny of a child of God is different from God’s enemies who are lost, it is still a fearful thing to fall into His hands. As verse 30 states, “The Lord shall judge His people”. His people. Even going backward into reversionism could not stop the ones who were falling away from the faith to no longer be counted as His people. Likewise, Christians today who commit the sin of apostasy are still God’s people.

If you would like further proof of this, just look in the same chapter in Hebrews to see how secure we are in Christ:

“For by one suffering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified.” (Heb. 10:14, KJV)

Positionally, we are already perfected forever through the offering of Christ. If it’s forever, how could we lose it?

Eternal Security Proved!
by Phillip M. Evans
pp. 173-175

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