Psalm 94 – God the Refuge of the Righteous

In the past six months I have had many discussions with my father about how we Christians are commanded to interact with government. Do we participate in “Christian activism,” do we meekly hold out our wrists for the manacles, or is there some other option? These are important questions!

Pastor Clay Ward of Pleroma Bible Church is leading his congregation verse by verse through the Torah. I began listening to the Exodus section of his study a few weeks ago and lo and behold in today’s lesson he took his listeners through Psalm 94 which asks many of the same questions I have been asking myself. Psalm 94 deals with persecution and protection of the righteous. If you have asked yourself the same questions I recommend listening to Pastor Ward by clicking on this link:

Touring the Torah Lesson 403

NOTE: I have checked the CD that I uploaded this lesson from along with the other materials I have from Pleroma Bible Church and I see no copyright or language prohibiting me from uploading this lesson. If anyone from Pleroma Bible Church finds this post and thinks I have violated any laws please let me know and I will delete this post immediately.

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