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One of the reasons that I started this blog was so I could collect links to websites and webpages that interest me in one central location. It is still satisfying when I find one of those and can pass it along. I just found an e-book titled “Basic Reformed Theology Explained and Exposed” written by Brenda Nickel that I now have the great satisfaction of directing my few readers to. Ms. Nickel was a Calvinist who later became a Dispensationalist and in her book she spends a lot of words (278 pages worth) explaining what the differences are.

The following quote of Ms. Nickel is something that I have thought quite a bit about (only she says it so much better than I can). No matter what your theology is, if it cannot answer her challenge below then your theology lacks something important!

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God’s Character and Attributes (not exhaustive)

In examining the character of God, we need to remember that His attributes are all constantly working at 100%. They are never out of balance. At any given moment His justice and His love and His righteousness are all functioning fully in perfect harmony and balance. Never is one attribute at 75% and another at 50%. They are all working at 100% in perfect harmony. In considering Calvinism, God’s attributes aren’t working in balance at 100% if God has already sentenced men to hell without a possibility of believing the gospel? One asks how righteous, holy, loving and just is that? In this scenario, His love would be working at say 50% while His justice is working at 75%. So ask yourself, “Is it really the character of God to condemn a person without any honest chance to believe in Him?” Put yourself or someone you love in that situation? We cannot explain away the horrific abuse of His character by claiming divine mystery!

Omniscient Immortal Immutable Sinless Patient Creator Good
Omnipotent Sovereign Righteous Loving Just Wise Sovereign
Omnipresent Peaceful Infinite Truthful Merciful Knowable Forgiving
Personal Holy Invisible Humble Faithful Kind Generous
Eternal Gracious Self-existent Triune Moral Living

Basic Reformed Theology Explained and Exposed
by Brenda Nickel
p 29

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