Recommended Blog Post: The Drawing of God

Kevin Lane, owner of the On My Walk blog, has been doing a chapter by chapter review of Dr. James R. White’s The Potter’s Freedom(TPF). Dr. White is a Calvinist and Kevin describes himself as a non-Calvinist non-Arminian so Kevin has an awful lot to write about. Kevin’s latest post in this series is titled “The Drawing of God” in which he provides one of the best non-Calvinist interpretations of what God’s drawing is that I have ever seen on the internet. If you are interested in this topic then by all means follow the link over to Kevin’s blog and read the article!

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4 Comments on “Recommended Blog Post: The Drawing of God”

  1. Thanks Glenn. I will be reading the whole series.


  2. Glenn Says:

    Hi Alex,

    Let me know what you think of his series.


  3. Kevin Says:

    Hi Glenn that is high praise. Thank you for the link. I hope there is value in the article, and that readers you send will engage with the Scriptures on the topic.

    Thanks again for your long friendship.


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