Family and Nationalism

[Disclaimer: The quote below is taken from the Dictionary of Doctrine website. When I originally posted the excerpt below I purposely did not include a link to the source. The reason for this is that I recognized the materials to be taken from the work of R.B. Thieme, Jr. The Dictionary of Doctrine site provides no attribution that I know of and, knowing that R.B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries is very vigilant in protecting their copyrights, I didn’t want the site to “go away.” I ended out discovering that the owner of the Dictionary of Doctrine site had modified some of Colonel Thieme’s teaching in a way that would have made him apoplectic. I notified some people who are associated with R. B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries of the existence of the Dictionary of Doctrine site. The site is still there and I have no idea if any action will ever be taken by R. B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries against it.]

This week’s post focuses on the third (family) and fourth (nation) divine institutions. The source that I am got this excerpt from does not credit anyone as author but I definitely recognize some of this as being the work of R.B. Thieme, Jr. (aka Colonel Thieme). I remember him teaching on this subject many times and have heard him say that the United States is well on its way to becoming a “mobocracy.” Even though I was young at the time (I first heard him teach on this topic in the early 1970’s) I remember the angry reaction it caused. Even to this day I will occasionally read someone who brings up Colonel Thieme’s mobocracy statement and are still angry about it. When I look and see what is happening in the United States I really believe that what Colonel Thieme taught is standing the test of time. But if none of my readers believe the mobocracy statements then that is fine. What you should do, in all cases, is check what is written here against scripture and see if it holds up. If the writing here is consistent with scripture on the major points then we can agree to disagree on the minor points.

I would like to point out that I do have a slight disagreement with some of what is written here. Toward the end of the article it is stated that the bible advocates only one kind of government and that is a monarchy. I do partly disagree with that statement. It is true that the only perfect government that will ever exist in the world is when Christ reigns as monarch from David’s throne in Jerusalem (I am a premillennialist). However that monarchy will have a perfect monarch as its ruler. When Israel first entered the Promised Land that their form of government was a theocracy but we would probably recognize it more as a confederacy. I will admit that God was their king but there was no central government, we would not recognize them as being a monarchy. I believe that the millennial government headed by Christ will be different. Maybe this is a small point but I think it is worth thinking about.




Divine Institution Number Three, the Family, ( Psa 68:6) was established in, (Gen 4:1) as the second fundamental unit for the safeguard and perpetuation of the human race. The newborn infant enters the world helpless; therefore, there must be a means of protection until the child is able to provide for himself. The family unit offers him discipline, material provision, training, security and guidance based on his parents’ love for him until he reaches age — that time in life when he must take full responsibility for his own decisions and actions.

In addition to providing food, shelter and clothing, it is the duty of the parents to instill in their children the proper norms and standards, to teach them how to evaluate situations in life, to train them when to say “yes” and when to say “no” and to inculcate in them the Principles of authority and self-discipline. While parents have many responsibilities, the children have only one within the family unit, and that is to respect and obey their parents. (Eph 6:1-3) Love should follow as a natural consequence after the parents have properly accomplished their job of training.


In the devil’s world, God must provide safety for mankind. He has  done so by dividing the world into national entities with geographical boundaries in the formation of Divine Institution Number Four. Adherence to the Laws of establishment under nationalism furnishes protection for each nation. In the Biblical Concept, a national entity encompasses all three categories — racial, geographical and linguistic. Anyone who becomes a citizen of this country, often called the “melting pot” because of its multiracial origins, relinquishes allegiance to his former homeland and pledges loyalty to this, his adopted land.

Human government was founded in, (Gen 9:1) thru (Gen 10:32) at the beginning of the Postdiluvian Civilization. Obeying God’s Command to “replenish the [Whole] earth,” the descendants of Noah scattered and resettled in accordance with the geographical boundaries set for them. (Gen 10:5; Gen 10:31-32) However, as the population increased, the people were reluctant to separate further and finally congregated in the fertile plains of the Tigris-Euphrates Valley. (Gen 11:2) There, at Babel, in the satanically inspired rebellion against God, the people instituted the
false Concept of internationalism. Because the one nation — one language Concept is contrary to the Divine design for mankind, the human race might have become extinct but for the grace of God. By enforcing His Plan of nationalism and by ordaining the existence of many languages, God secured the perpetuation of mankind. (Gen 11:7-9)

God ordained the Laws of establishment to be the authority within a LEGITIMATE national entity. As the guardian of freedom, each nation, whatever its form of government, (Parliamentary, monarchy, republic, etc.) must protect the inherent right of the individual to privacy, freedom and to the pursuit of a course of life based upon his own decisions and ability within the legal framework of that particular type of government. Furthermore, this freedom must insure the right of the individual to accept or reject Jesus Christ as Savior. (Acts 17:26-28)

While there are several excellent forms of government, the Laws of establishment can exist under any one of these types. However, there is no way that any government can perpetuate itself indefinitely. Every system of government contains the elements by which it will eventually destroy itself: by negative volition toward the Word of Truth on the part of the believer, and rejection of the Laws of Divine establishment on the part of both the believer and the unbeliever. Only adherence to the Laws of establishment and the grace of God can sustain a nation and its government for any span of time! (Psa 127:1)

One of the most tyrannical forms of government is a democracy, which means “rule of the many” and is based on the assumption that all men are equal. Theoretically, democracy is the direct rule of the people; but in practice, it is essentially a mob rule. The inability of a mob to think, plus minimal restraint on the old sin nature, precludes any possibility of the proper function or perpetuation of this governmental system. Alexander Hamilton perfectly described the tyranny of all democracies:

It has been observed by an honorable gentleman that a pure democracy, if it were executable, would be the most perfect government. Experience has proved that no position in politics is more false than this. The ancient democracies, in which the people themselves deliberated, never possessed one feature of good government. Their very character was tyranny; their figure deformity. When they assembled, the field of debate presented an ungovernable mob, incapable of deliberation. In these assemblies the enemies of the people brought forward their plans of ambition systematically. They were opposed by their enemies of another party; and it became a matter of eventuality, whether the people subjected themselves to be led blindly by one tyrant or another.

The United States is not a democracy. Our nation was originally founded as a constitutional republic, which is a representative form of government. The only pure democracy existed in fifth century B.C. Athens, and it soon dissolved into chaos. As Greece grew into an empire, it was established on the Principle of an oligarchy — the rule of a few. The hypothesis that all people are equal is an unrealistic and untrue premise. When Thomas Jefferson stated in the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal, he was saying in effect that the colonists were equal to the citizens of England in the eyes of the Law. He never meant to imply that everyone was born with the same intelligence, abilities or talents. Jefferson was fully aware of the inequality of man, as demonstrated by his ownership of slaves and his beliefs regarding their lack of status in society. The Madison/Jefferson letters reflect his complete thought regarding the equality and inequality of man.

Tragically, we are no longer a true republic; we are something between a democracy and a “mobocracy.” The governmental concepts of our forefathers have been tragically perverted. Satanic propaganda has steadily nibbled away at our constitutional foundations, with the result that our once great nation is crumbling. No longer are we a first-rate power nor even an establishment-oriented country as in the past. Instead, we are accepting the evil substitutes of socialistic and communistic ideology as the solutions to our social and economic problems. By ignoring God’s specific design for nationalism, we have compounded the problems and hastened our demise.

Because a republic depends upon the virtue and thinking of the people, it rarely endures more than a few hundred years. The Roman Republic, an exception to the norm, continued for five hundred years before the Senate became so decadent that the nation began to disintegrate. Out of the ensuing century-long civil war rose the triumvirate of Caesar, Pompey and Crassus. After a top-echelon skirmish in which Crassus and Pompey were eliminated, Julius Caesar emerged victorious as the administrative genius who laid the foundation for the empire. His brilliant contributions to the Roman governmental structure were so completely organized on the Laws of Divine establishment that the empire enjoyed the longest and most phenomenal peace and prosperity of any era in history.

The Bible advocates only one kind of government — a monarchy. Historically, the most successful governments have been some form of monarchy; in fact, the greatest government that will ever exist will be the personal reign of the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ, during the millennial dispensation.”

Although both marriage and family are also involved, it is basically Nationalism, Divine Institution Number Four, which furnishes protection for Divine Institution Number One — Volition. In his famous war cry during the preliminary days of the War for Independence, Patrick Henry dramatized this very relationship between Divine Institutions One and Four. His fiery conclusion, “Give me liberty, or give me death!” expressed the entire Principle in a nutshell!

Freedom is the atmosphere and environment for Spiritual growth. The believer’s self-determination — is the expression of positive volition toward Truth; and can function best in a free nation. Throughout the history of nationalism, the religious and political climate of many nations — from the Sumero-Akkadian Empire of Ur (Gen 11:31) down to the present-day communist bloc — has suppressed the function of the Spiritual life, the intake of Truth — Operation Z. Separation from such tyranny becomes a MUST for Spiritual progress! Just as Abraham could not advance under the shadow of idolatry and evil and was therefore Commanded by God to separate from it, so many people have been forced to migrate to our country since its founding in order to escape the stranglehold that choked their freedom in their own nation.


[1] Just so no one gets the wrong idea I would like to mention once again that this is not my original work. I believe that it is based at least in part on the work of R.B. Thieme, Jr who did excellent work on the laws of divine establishment (I link to his site in the sidebar). I am providing the information here because I firmly believe it is important for it to reach a wider audience.

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