Definition of the Laws of Divine Establishment

[Disclaimer: The quote below is taken from the Dictionary of Doctrine website. When I originally posted the excerpt below I purposely did not include a link to the source. The reason for this is that I recognized the materials to be taken from the work of R.B. Thieme, Jr. The Dictionary of Doctrine site provides no attribution that I know of and, knowing that R.B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries is very vigilant in protecting their copyrights, I didn’t want the site to “go away.” I ended out discovering that the owner of the Dictionary of Doctrine site had modified some of Colonel Thieme’s teaching in a way that would have made him apoplectic. I notified some people who are associated with R. B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries of the existence of the Dictionary of Doctrine site. The site is still there and I have no idea if any action will ever be taken by R. B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries against it.]

This is the next post in my series on the Laws of Divine Establishment. It provides a good definition of what the Laws of Divine Establishment are and the first two Divine Institutions (the Laws of Divine Establishment are built on the foundation of the Divine Institutions). If followed these laws provide any society with freedom and stability. The history of the United States provides an excellent example of what happens to societies when these laws are followed and when they are ignored.

As a citizen of the United States I have had the feeling since I was a child that the U.S. was losing its greatness. I do not mean greatness in terms of money and military power (even though we may be losing those right now) but in terms of being a place where honest, hard working people were protected and could prosper. As I have grown older the feeling has intensified and I have come to realize that it isn’t only here in the U.S. where circumstances seem to be getting worse. I believe this is due to a worldwide breakdown in marriage and family (two of the Divine Institutions) and many societies are breaking apart because of it.

Satan remains the ruler of this world until Christ returns to sit upon His throne. Satan hates anything that comes from the hand of God which includes the Laws of Divine Establishment. Right now it appears that Satan is having great success in undermining the Laws of Divine Establishment throughout the world. None the less we are still responsible for our decisions both good and bad. The words of the prophet Hosea are as applicable to us today as they were to Israel:

7 Indeed, they sow the wind
and reap the whirlwind.
There is no standing grain;
what sprouts fails to yield flour.
Even if they did,
foreigners would swallow it up.

8 Israel is swallowed up!
Now they are among the nations
like discarded pottery.

Hosea 8:7-8



The Laws of Divine Establishment are Principles ordained by God for the protection, orderly function, survival and blessing of the human race. In His omniscience, God knew in advance that man would sin; He was also fully cognizant that once man acquired an old sin nature, he would have unlimited potential to destroy himself! Therefore, in order to perpetuate man’s existence during the course of the angelic conflict, it was necessary to set up for both believer and unbeliever a series of Divine Laws that would hold the old sin nature in check. These Laws also provide for the fullest expression of individual freedom.

While the components of Divine establishment were in God’s Plan from eternity past, they came into existence at various points of time, beginning with the creation of man in, (Gen 1:26) and extending to the establishment of nations in, (Gen 10:5). Within the Laws of establishment are the four Divine institutions: Volition, Marriage, Family and Nationalism. These apply to the entire human race — believers and unbelievers — regardless of race, nationality, sex or any other factor.


Volition – Free will

Divine Institution Number One — Volition — is not only the first Principle of Divine establishment and the key to its proper function but is also the basic authority in the human race. Divine establishment is God’s perfect Plan, yet it always involves human volition. Adherence to these Laws of establishment by a maximum number of people in a national entity guarantees both human freedom and privacy. This freedom of choice gives the individual the inherent right to life, liberty, privacy, ownership of property “and the pursuit of happiness,” provided that the individual does not violate the Laws of establishment or the common Law of a nation.

The first Divine institution was established when God created man to operate rationally under the volition in his own soul rather than according to his instincts. While there is variation in human ability and capacity to learn, all individuals possess volition. God might have computerized the human race so that He could program man to carry out His Plan. Instead, it is His desire that we respond to His grace and serve Him willingly, not react under some system of slavery. Therefore, volition is a major issue in the angelic conflict; everyone must be a free agent to accept or reject Salvation, (John 3:36) the most important decision anyone will ever make.

The will of God is related to man’s free will; and is involved in every area of life, particularly in Salvation and in his Spiritual advance.

Who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge [Spiritual Thinking] of the Truth.  (1Ti 2:4).

Since it is the sovereign will of God that all members of the human race be saved, and since Christ was judged on the Cross for everyone, the exercise of man’s free will is a demonstration of the grace solution to the angelic conflict. Christ’s strategic victory of the Cross resolved the angelic conflict; man’s positive volition is a tactical victory. Although God wills all mankind to be saved, some are not saved because He honors free will, which gives man the responsibility to act either in conjunction with or independently of the will of God.

Acting on positive volition, we enter Phase Two, or the Christian life,
the moment we believe in Christ. During this time, human volition continues to function as we constantly make decisions. We are free to accept or reject the Word of Truth as God’s Plan for Phase Two. God has provided unlimited Divine operating assets for the believer in time: God the Holy Spirit, the Spiritual life, and the Word of God, which contains all the information necessary for the Christian to advance to Spiritual maturity in accordance with the Divine Plan; the “grace apparatus for perception,” (GAP — Operation Z)[2] which enables every believer to understand God’s thoughts on every subject. (Amos 4:13) Positive volition toward Truth is a prerequisite to all stages of Spiritual growth. Only the believer’s own negative volition can limit or hinder continual progress.

The “advance to the full knowledge of Truth” is possible only through
the persistent exercise of Operation Z, whereby we break the maturity
barrier and move into Spiritual adulthood, Spiritual maturity and dying grace. We may elect to read, to listen and to concentrate; or decide to go in the opposite direction, reject the Plan of God for our lives and succumb to reversionism[3].


Divine Institution Number Two — Marriage. (Matt 19:5) Both volition and marriage came into existence in the Garden of Eden before the fall. (Gen 2:22-24)  Since the man and the woman must be free to enter this mutual relationship, marriage becomes a utilization of Divine Institution Number One. Divinely ordained, marriage is structured to form the basic stability in a society. It totally rejects any Concept which contributes to anarchy, such as promiscuity, homosexuality, polygamy or excessive divorce.

Under establishment, the marriage of one man to one woman accomplishes two objectives: (1) it forms the most basic unit of society; (2) it produces the foundation for Divine Institution Number Three — the Family. Marriage, in which the authority is assigned to the man, (Gen 3:16) and has as its primary function, the protection of the freedom both in the national entity and in the individual union; for the unbeliever — both men and women the Thinking and use of the Laws of that nation for their authority and protection. (John 19:10-11) For believers — both men and women — the Thinking and use of the Laws of that nation, and also God’s Thinking for their authority and protection. (Matt 8:9-10; Prov 8:32-36) In the pursuit of Spiritual maturity however — we must remain in the condition we are called — until God provides or does not provide; the husband, wife, things and or circumstances in our life! (Matt 6:33; Matt 19:12; Mark 8:33-38; (1Co 7:26-35)

[to be continued…]


[1]Just so no one gets the wrong idea I would like to mention once again that this is not my original work. I believe that it is based at least in part on the work of R.B. Thieme, Jr who did excellent work on the laws of divine establishment (I link to his site in the sidebar). I am providing the information here because I firmly believe it is important for it to reach a wider audience.

[2] GAP and Operation Z are very similar to the Edification Complex of the Soul which I have posted on before.

[3] Reversionism is an act of reversing or turning in the opposite way, or a state of being so turned.  As believers we were designed to execute the predesigned plan of God.  But in reversionism we turn the other way and cannot be distinguished from our pre-salvation status.  We are believers thinking human viewpoint. Reversionism is the act of reverting to a former state, habit, belief, or practice of post-salvation sinning.  Reversionism is a reversal of your priorities, your attitudes, your affections, the object of your personal love accompanied by the destruction of your impersonal love, and the change of your manner of operation and personality.

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