The Laws of Divine Establishment and the Plan of God

[Disclaimer: The quote below is taken from the Dictionary of Doctrine website. When I originally posted the excerpt below I purposely did not include a link to the source. The reason for this is that I recognized the materials to be taken from the work of R.B. Thieme, Jr. The Dictionary of Doctrine site provides no attribution that I know of and, knowing that R.B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries is very vigilant in protecting their copyrights, I didn’t want the site to “go away.” I ended out discovering that the owner of the Dictionary of Doctrine site had modified some of Colonel Thieme’s teaching in a way that would have made him apoplectic. I notified some people who are associated with R. B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries of the existence of the Dictionary of Doctrine site. The site is still there and I have no idea if any action will ever be taken by R. B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries against it.]

This will be my first post of many on the Laws of Divine Establishment. As I start posting on this topic I want to point out that when Colonel Thieme taught this many years ago it was controversial. He was accused of political motivations in teaching this subject. My belief is that if the Laws of Divine Establishment can be backed up by scripture then no one can be accused of having political motivations by teaching it. It is up to my readers to make up their own minds.

This introduction begins with the plan of God and it mentions many of God’s attributes. Each of the divine attributes could be its own post (or multiple posts). Rather than try and footnote these attributes I am going to provide this link to Doctrine of Divine Attributes at the Verse by Verse website which is ran by Maranatha Church of Bethany, Oklahoma. If you have any questions on the attributes please let me know and I will do my best to answer them.

This is a long post so rather than waste space rambling on various topics I am just going to jump right into this weeks excerpt:


Even before the creation of man, the Principle of establishment was ordained by God for the perpetuation of the human race. (Psa 148:6) In  His omniscience, God has always known the course of history as well as every problem that we would ever face as individuals. Therefore, in eternity past, God the Father sovereignly set up the Plan of Grace for mankind. Based on His absolute righteousness and perfect justice, His design for Divine establishment is flawless. The Plan continues throughout eternity because God Himself is eternal life. And since it proceeds from His enduring, uncompromising justice, Operation Grace excludes the frailties of human sentimentality.

Furthermore, the stability of God’s Plan is guaranteed by His immutability, while His veracity, expressed in the Written Word of God, reveals to us the Thinking of His Plan. Because He is omnipotent, God has the power to accomplish His grace objectives even in the devil’s world; and because He is omnipresent and therefore not limited by time or space, He maintains continual, on-the-scene Command over human events. God controls history in three ways: direct control, by means of Divine intervention; indirect control, through man’s adherence to the Laws of Divine establishment; (Our subject) and permissive control, by allowing the angelic conflict to run its course according to the dictates of man’s volition.

Although God may intervene in human events, He never forces the faith of His creatures. Thus, He allows each individual to make his own decision concerning Jesus Christ, although it is His sovereign desire that all believe in Christ and receive eternal Salvation. (1Ti 2:4)

Those who do believe enter the threefold Plan of God: Phase One — Salvation, or saving grace; Phase Two — the Christian way of life, which ranges from logistical grace to Spiritual self esteem to Spiritual autonomy to Spiritual maturity and then dying grace; Phase Three — eternity, with its surpassing grace blessings and rewards for the believer who has broken the Spiritual maturity barrier. (30, 60 and 100; Matt 13:8)

The Divine structure is unique in that it remains perfect despite the inclusion of imperfect man. Man cannot hinder Operation Grace, since its execution depends entirely upon the work of the Trinity in each phase of the Plan. In Phase One, Jesus Christ accomplished Salvation by His vicarious, efficacious Spiritual death and judgment on the Cross; (Rom 5:6-8) the Holy Spirit enables believers to learn Truth and to reach Spiritual maturity during Phase Two; (John 16:13-14) and God the Father fulfills Phase Three. (2Co 5:1) Man makes no meritorious contribution of any kind, and thus he cannot destroy the perfect quality of God’s Grace Plan.

Within the framework of the Plan of God, the Principle of human freedom is essential for the function of Divine establishment. As the cornerstone of freedom, human volition is the decision-maker of the soul. Man was created with free will, and God made it unmistakably clear to Adam that He had given him freedom of choice. This would always be the primary issue in the angelic conflict: would man, inferior to angels but equipped with the same free will, choose for or against the Divine design? Since volition must be tested in order to be operative, God set up one prohibition.

The LORD God commanded the man, saying, “From any tree of the garden you may eat freely; but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat from it you will surely die.” [Spiritual death] (Gen 2:16-17)

God was saying to man, “In Operation Grace, everything is provided for your blessing, including your human freedom. You may exercise your free will in any direction you wish; but the day you go on negative signals and eat of that forbidden tree, you will be outside My Plan!” To be cut off from the Divine Plan is to be Spiritually dead, and this eventually results in physical death. It was up to Adam’s volition whether or not he would continue under God’s authority. Of his own choice, man walked out on the Plan of God!

Who was behind the revolt against God’s policy? None other than His archenemy, Satan! This evil super-creature used the serpent to lure the woman into rebellion against God’s perfect provision, and the angelic conflict began to gather momentum on the earth. The woman then influenced Adam to disobey; and in his Fall man lost the rulership of the earth to Satan. However, God had not only foreseen man’s failure but ALWAYS had the way to rescue the human race and thereby resolve the angelic conflict; and bring many sons to His family! (Heb 2:9-11) He offered man a new “tree” — the Cross. Now the only way for man to enter the Plan of God is to exercise positive volition toward the saving work of Christ on the Cross: “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved…” (Acts 16:31) Why do we simply believe? There is nothing we can add to the finished work of Christ. Faith is non-meritorious. All the merit is in the Object of that faith. Thus, even the simple mechanics of Salvation are consistent with the Principle of grace. (Eph 2:8-9)

For all who are positive toward His Plan in Phase Two, the Divine Blueprint encompasses many impressive provisions and blessings. (Eph 3:20) However, God has also designed certain blessings for unbelievers as well as believers who obey and appropriate His grace provisions found in the Laws of Divine establishment.


[1] Just so no one gets the wrong idea I would like to mention once again that this is not my original work. I believe that it is based at least in part on the work of R.B. Thieme, Jr who did excellent work on the laws of divine establishment (I link to his site in the sidebar). I am providing the information here because I firmly believe it is important for it to reach a wider audience.

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