God’s Point of Contact With Us is His Justice

As a nice change of pace I am going to provide you all with an extended quote from R.B. Thieme, Jr.:


God never has the slightest trouble keeping His attributes straight. One never compromises another. Even when He deals with imperfect, sinful, fallen man — and especially when He blesses us — He is not lowering Himself to our imperfect level thus destroying His own perfection. The reason He can bless us is that one of His attributes stands guard, as it were, over all the rest. The justice of God is the guardian of God’s essence in all that He does toward imperfect creatures.

When one member of the Trinity is concerned with Himself or with the other members of the Godhead, there is no need for a guardian. There is never a possibility of compromise because all three Persons are perfect, coequal, coinfinite, and coeternal; all Three possess the same integrity. Moreover, in Himself God is free to regard His personality — the fact that He is a person — as most important. [8]

Related to man, however, there is almost unlimited opportunity for compromise. Man violates God’s character at almost every turn. Here God must guard His righteousness first and foremost. This, God’s point of contact with us can only be His justice. This is the function of justice in His integrity.

Let me emphasize this: Our point of contact with God is His justice.

May he judge Thy people with righteousness, And Thine afflicted with justice. (Ps. 72:2)

He is the Lord our God;
His judgments are in all the earth. (1 Chron. 16:14; Ps. 105:7, KJV)

God evaluates all mankind from His justice, both now and forever. This is true of unbeliever and believer alike. The judgment of all sins of the unbeliever on the cross comes from divine justice, as does the believer’s discipline. Both the unbeliever’s eternal agony in the lake of fire and the believer’s ultimate sanctification and reward in heaven come from the same Source! Everything God does toward us from any of His attributes goes through His justice. Justice is the ultimate safeguard of all divine action related to mankind. How can I make this clear?

Think of the essence of God as a box with an opening in the bottom. Inside the essence box are all of God’s attributes, and right over the hatch is His justice. Whatever comes from God to man can come only through that opening. God’s justice is our point of contact with Him; therefore, when we come to God, His absolute justice is the attribute to which we must adjust.

Essence of God

If God’s point of contact with us is His sovereignty, He would choose who would go to heaven; He would program us to mechanically enact every detail of our lives on earth. We would be automatons; human freedom would not exist; the angelic conflict would not be won. [9]

If, on the other hand, God’s point of contact with us were from His omnipotence, He would be a tyrant. It would be impossible for us to fulfill the will of God because He would do everything Himself by divine fiat. He would force people to believe in Christ. Again, there would be no freedom, no volition, no divine establishment; human history would not be permitted to run its course as part of the angelic conflict.

If love were the point of contact, His justice and righteousness would not need to be propitiated or satisfied and there would be no necessity for Christ to die on the cross. As perfect as these attributes are, they are not the basic frame of reference in God’s relationship with us.

Of all the attributes in the essence box, justice is the only one that protects His entire essence. For this reason, and for other reasons we shall see, God’s justice is our point of contact with Him.

R.B. Thieme, Jr.
The Integrity of God
pp. 8-10

[8] The three persons of the Godhead manifest all the qualities of divine personality: self-consciousness, mentality, volition, along with the capacity for relationships; there God is a person. See Appendix A.

[9] The angelic conflict is the invisible warfare between God and Satan, ignited by the prehistoric revolt of Satan and one-third of the angels, that continues as spiritual warfare throughout human history. See Thieme, Satan and Demonism (1996), 1-11.

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